Sutter Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church

12900 Ridge Rd
Sutter Creek, CA 95685-9651

to the Sutter Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church website.  We are located at 12900 Ridge Road on Sutter Hill.  Although we have enjoyed many locations in the county, our church has been in Amador since 1944.  We have a strong commitment of ministry to our local church family and our local community.

As you peruse our web pages you will find many varied ministries.  By accessing our links you will find a great deal of information about Seventh-day Adventists and what we believe.  While most churches meet on Sunday, find out why our church meets on the Seventh day (Saturday). Come and join "Our Beliefs" class at 10:00 am each Saturday morning to learn more.  Find out for yourself from the class and pages here if this is something that you need to study further.  It is our sincere desire that as you browse these pages and read these articles that you will be blessed.

We invite you to visit us each Sabbath morning (Saturday) at 10:00 am for Bible study.  We have classes for all ages and we are sure you will find one you will enjoy.  Our worship service begins at 11:05.  Each Saturday following our worship service we invite you to join us for a vegetarian meal.

As you browse through our site you will find links to other pages and even off-site to other ministries that share a common desire to help you to have a closer walk with our Lord and Savior.  Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you clearly what you need to find today that would bring God more closely into your life.

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OUR MISSION:  To know God and make Him known. I Cor 2:2
OUR VISION:  One with the Son.  John 17:21


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